Review Policy


“Do you accept blogger copies?”

– Yes, I am currently accepting “promotional copies” and I try to blog at least 2 times a week. Please keep in mind, that blogging is time consuming and impossible to feature everything entirely. Incorporating clothes/items in “looks” is what I normally do and prefer.

Should you decide that you would like for me to feature something of yours, please read below:

– Please dont drop items on me without information. Include some info about your store, landmarks, etc.

– Items sent to me “without information”, I will consider them as gifts but under no obligation will they be blogged.

– I reserve the right to blog things I like. If you don’t see any of your items featured here, please dont take it personal. It just means its not my style.

– If you are still unsure of something or have a question in general, feel free to contact me in world with a notecard and send to “Journey Lorakeet“

“Why dont you post links to stores?”

– Unless its a temporary event or sale mentioned, I dont post links. Links change periodically and providing the creators name, you are more likely to find a landmark to the store in the creators profile.

“Do you accept home and garden copies?”

– Of Course!

“What about Ëvents?”

– Yes, if time allows me and depending on the subject of the event.

“Does anyone co-write on your blog?”

– No, I am the only writer of this blog. Impersonation is rampant in second life, so please report them.

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