Destination Unknown








Culprit – Ufo Chaser by Eku Zhong * available @ TLC’s The Garden
Culprit – Pilot Trainer Ride * available @ TLC’s The Garden
Old Water Tank w/Shower Head by Lordisma Shepherd
11th Hour – Rocket Planter – “They Are Coming” by River Stromfield * available @ TLC’s The Garden
Second Spaces – Area 51 ufos by Elle Kirshner * available @ TLC’s The Garden
Zigana – home made flamingo by Nelena Fairey
Zigana – Branch light . beach
[Organica] Grass 3 – dry, flat by Aki Shichiroji
=P!= Rusty Barrels by Nylon Popstar
=P!= Plastic Canister

Second Spaces – Vintage tool cabinet / green Elle Kirshner
Second Spaces – Game of War (cards)
:Cheeky Pea: – Alice Horseshoes by Isla Gealach
Zigana – Table 234 . neutral dark
(Valiant & Co.) – [Con.] Stepside Bed – Sky by Wavie Haller * available @ TLC’s The Garden
POST: Tire Stack by Van Auster *modified
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Radio Brown by Paco Pooley
*Y’s HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [Tin] by Yacchan Clip
{af} Omega Beer by Apple Fall
11th Hour: Rocket Planter – What’s Buzzin * available @ TLC’s The Garden
+ILO+ Gas Heater [gacha-black] by Zozo Raven
{what next} Mesa Chair w/charcoal pillow by Winter Thorn * available @ TLC’s The Garden
=P!= Winchester Model 1887 Shotgun
Tartessos Arts – Explorer Binoculars by Nico Griffith
Tartessos Arts – Beach Campfire
LISP – Kepler Telescope by Pandora Popstar

:Cheeky Pea: Roswell Caravan – Lemon by Isla Gealach * available @ TLC’s The Garden
{what next} Mesa Clock – Wood * available @ TLC’s The Garden

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