Just showing off some great new stuff from Summerfest ’13. Over 40 designers have come together for this event and its all located on a lovely beach front sim. Litered with cute lil otters who took over the Island. The Island itself has comfortable seating, sand and pure scenery. The creators have gone out their way to bring you summer clothes, beach decor and even builder kits to turn your land into a cool beach. Summerfest runs from June 15th to June 29th and make sure to check the blog for more info and the list of designers participating. This event you definately dont want to miss out on.







fri.home – summerfest medium shack (ocean) by Friday Monday * available @ Summerfest

Culprit Fishy Boxes by Eku Zhong * available @ Summerfest
Culprit Grotty Lifering * available @ Summerfest
floorplan. sailor’s stool / white by Tegan Serin * available @ Summerfest
floorplan. lilac planter / blue
MudHoney Standing Pillows Beach by Rayvn Hynes * available @ TLC Garden
Kuro – Lantern (Black) by Luana Dawg
Culprit Starfishy Candle * available @ Summerfest
[*Art Dummy!] fire&water. (outdoor bed)
Trompe Loeil – Billiards Dresser 06 Ball
Kuro – Racket w/ball (orange) * available @ Summerfest
Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Abstract Art by Cory Edo * available @ FaMESHed
Trompe Loeil – Barrel Stool Tall black
BALACLAVA!! My Little Ukulele by Uriah Eulenberg * available @ Summerfest
Tabloid – Shaka Brah Surfboard – Shark Attack! (Rare) by Dahlia Joubert * available @ The Arcade

[*Art Dummy!] vintage barn light (rusty silver) by Gala Charron
MudHoney Pile of Towels by Rayvn Hynes
City Pool storage lockers – full set by Elle Kirshner * available @ Summerfest
City Pool storage lockers – set of 2 * available @ Summerfest
MudHoney – Leaning Pillows Beach * available @ TLC Garden
Culprit Ekurola Transistor Leather by Eku Zhong * available @ Summerfest
BALACLAVA!! Plumeria / Leafs by Uriah Eulenberg * available @ Summerfest
The Arcade – Chick Fish: Smurf by Maylee Oh
Sea Shells by Punky Banx * available @ Marketplace
!O: Sea Otter Pet [Silver Pelt] by Anya Ohmai * available @ Summerfest