When I think of summer, prodominantly the whole beach scenery is what comes to mind. Sunny, warm , breezy , endless vast of ocean and sand. I love it just as the next person does but, for me personally it can become a bit redundant. Especially when Im tired of looking at sand and in need of a different scene. This lead me to moving a couple of things around, which then turned into me just redoing the lot completely. The elements I made sure to keep were the lush garden, cliffs and glimps of ocean. It’s all still a WIP (work in progress) but I loved this area enough to where I literally “decked it out”. While searching around marketplace, I managed to find a nice mesh terrace set and that wasnt too complicated. After having assembled it where I wanted, the scenery started to come into place.

The other decor scattered about comes from this round of Arcade. I had a bit of success finding some rares and playing gatchas till It ate all of my lindens. To acommodate sitting, I added lounge chairs, potted plants to fill the little areas and pillows for comfort. The wood version of the Meshworx Pewter Round Table, not only stood out but it gave this setting an industrial feel. The size of the table enabled me to show off the delicious breakfast I put together. Most of the meals you see here comes from inside these rezzable placemats by Aphrodite Shop. There are over 300 cuisine dishes inside these placemats and all of its low prim. Plenty of choices from breakfast, dinner, desserts, drinks and even dishes. I love that this has a semi reclusive feel to it and a view thats relaxing, no matter what time of the day it is.

This is only just a shot of the deck, I will post the other half with some interior shots and more stuff from The Arcade. So stay tuned…





Cliff Terrace by Yan Hoxley * available @ Marketplace
Second Spaces – Kristen Table / white by Elle Kirshner
A.D.D. Andel – potted plant by Andel Rhiadra
Vespertine – broken birdcage RARE by Amelie Knelstrom
Trompe Loeil – Steampunk Lamp RARE by Cory Edo
MudHoney’s – Bar Credenza set by Rayvn Hynes (wine set) * available @ The Mens Department
Apple Fall – Ralph’s Boat by Apple Fall
Art Dummy – “A little light.” by Gala Charron
Pilot – Garden Supplies by Kaz Nayar
MESHWORX – Wood Round Table by Loz Hyde
MESHWORX – Tangle Chairs by Loz Hyde
The Loft – Newcombe Industrial Chair by Colleen Desmoulins
The Loft – Meid Lilacs White
Aphrodite Shop – “Everyday Joy” Standard Food Placemats by Jaylin Whitewood * available @ Marketplace
Apple Fall – Treats Platter RARE by Apple Fall * available @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Toast & Butter by Apple Fall * available @ The Arcade

DIGS – Morris Chair / tan by Iris Maskelyne
Backgammon by Elle Kirshner * available @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Storm Lamp (Brass) by Apple Fall
Dutchie – potted plants by by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Artilleri Home – Plant / Super sprout by Antonia Marat
End of Daze – Wood Loungers by Icewood Bayn * Available @ The Thrift Shop
End of Daze – Telescope by Icewood Bayn
The Loft – Rana Side Tables by Colleen Desmoulins
What Next – Newspaper by Winter Thorn
POST – Popcorn Blanket by Van Auster
{what next} Charlotte Floor Cushion A – plain by Winter Thorn
Apple Fall – Tiffany Tea Pot by Apple Fall * available @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Lemon Tea * available @ The Arcade
Apple Fall – Lustful Lilacs * available @ The Arcade
The Loft – Pillows by Colleen Desmoulins
Cheeky Pea – Margarita Beach set by Isla Gealach * @ FaMESHed